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ELEN charging stations

In October 2012, HEP together with the city of Zagreb and the Croatian Designers Association issued an invitation to tender for the design solution of the first ELEN electric vehicle charging station. The purpose of this tender was to adopt the conceptual design for the first ELEN electric vehicle fast charging station which would provide the basis for construction design and development of design documentation. This conceptual design will be the basis for all other electric vehicle charging stations to be installed in the Republic of Croatia.

Selected designer solution

The best design solution for the first Croatian ELEN electric vehicle fast charging station was developed by a team of Croatian experts led by Vedran Jurić, the architect from SODAarhitekti and Neven Kovačević, the product designer from Redesign.

The first Croatian electric car fast charging station has been designed as a single element in a shape of a large elliptic solar field set on the central concrete steel pillar with a base. The elliptic solar field moves with the sun increasing its efficiency of collecting solar energy which is then stored and used for charging electric vehicles. While designing the ELEN station, designers have paid special attention to usage, functionality and unique form which enables it to be assembled simply and fast on any location. This will enable future installation of ELEN stations not only along the roads, but also in shopping malls, next to office buildings and alike. For media.

Visual demonstation of our electric vehicle fast charging station


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