Accessing ELEN Charging Stations

Depending on the charger type, ELEN charging stations can be accessed by:
  • 43 kW AC/ 50 kW DC charging stations – plug and charge system
  • 22 kW and 150 kW charging stations – contactless card is required (e.g. credit or debit card). Alternatively, any 13.56 MHz RFID card can be used.

By using charging stations, no personal data is read or collected from the card.

The use of ELEN charging stations is free of charge.

To report a fault on the charging station please contact: or +385 1 6288 680

If you wish to receive information on the changes regarding the use of ELEN charging stations, please enter your e-mail address.

Where can I charge?

Connectors and battery

Connector types:

ELEN uses three connector types – Type 2, CCS and CHAdeMO. Check your EV connector and the availability of connector types on the charging station you are planning to use. Available connectors can be seen on our map of EV charging stations.
  • Type 2 (Mennekes)AC Charging
  • Type 4 (CHAdeMO)DC Charging
  • CCSDC Charging

Battery & Range Management

EV range depends on the battery. Battery capacity may be reduced in very cold or very hot weather, and the charging method may affect its life. To increase its use quality and duration, follow the advice below:
1. Do not leave the battery at 100% capacity for any longer period of time. Lithium-ion batteries produce the best results when charged between 30% and 90% of its capacity. Charging up to 100% as well as the battery being discharged to a level below 20-30% of its capacity may reduce battery capacity and life. This does not mean that you should never fully discharge the battery. However, it is recommended not to leave it at the above stated harmful capacities for a prolonged period of time.
2. Pay attention to weather conditions. The battery works best at temperatures between -6 and 30°C. Some batteries are adjusted to very hot environment, and some have a battery thermal management program. We recommend the use of such programs, provided your car has one. We also recommend that you park your car in the garage during winter instead of leaving it outdoors, and in the shade during summer instead of leaving it exposed to the heat.
3. Implement special driving modes. Some driving modes may increase the vehicle range.
4. Charge the batteries by using brakes – whenever possible, bring your vehicle to a stop by braking slowly and continuously instead of braking suddenly. That way, more energy is transferred to the batteries and they are charged more efficiently.

About us

HEP's ELEN charging station network consists of publicly available EV charging stations with a separate measuring point, uniform consumption monitoring meeting all technical and communication standards and protocols.

Ultra-fast DC charging stations have two standardized connectors (Chademo and CCS) and own charging cables.

AC/DC charging stations have three standardized connectors (Mode 3 Type 2 for AC charging, Chademo and CCS for DC charging) and own charging cables.

Each AC charging station has two standardized 22 kW Mode 3 Type 2 connectors requiring the user's cable.

In addition to its own investment in the ELEN network of public charging stations, HEP also participates in EU co-financed projects.

For more information about EU projects download PDF